Addaero is Shutting Down May 1st

Today we are announcing that after 11 years we will be shutting down the Addaero service on May 1st. It has been our privilege to get to know many of you, and to work with such a vibrant community of coaches and athletes. Our desire to be a part of this community, and help our users achieve their goals is what has kept us going all these years.

We failed to create a sustainable platform for coaching athletes and tracking fitness. For this, we are truly sorry. We have exhausted every option to continue to enhance and support this product, but ultimately we have had to make the difficult decision to bring it to a close. We know many of you have a lot workout history you would like to take with you, and we have provided instructions for this at the bottom of the message.

If you are a coach:
To help with the transition away from Addaero, we partnered with a couple of companies that we believe offer a good alternative. They have both agreed to provide a discount to Addaero coaches, and help with importing data from Addaero. We encourage you to evaluate both of these options before making a decision about where to go next. Use the links below to go directly to the landing pages they have setup for Addaero coaches.

If you are an athlete, not working with a coach:
We have been working with FinalSurge to help with the transition away from Addaero. They offer a free service for athlete only accounts, and have agreed to help athletes with importing workouts from Addaero. Click here to go directly to their landing page for Addaero users.

Thank you to all of you who have helped us along the way, and for including us in your fitness journey.

The Addaero Team

Please reference our support site to learn how to export your data.

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FOR  ATHLETES Beginner to elite athletes use Addaero Solo to plan, track, and analyze all of their training activities. The Solo training log gives you the flexibility to train with a group, train with a coach, or train on your own. Unlock your potential, make informed decision, and Train Better.
FOR  TEAMS Clubs, colleges, and youth sports use Addaero Solo to create in-season and off-season training plans for their teams. Each athlete has their own training log but use a shared training plan created by the coach or team leader.
Free Training Plans
Addaero has partnered with well known coaches in different sports to provide free ongoing fitness plans. Join today, there is no start or end date.
Zuckerberg Challenge: Run 365 Miles In 2016
Program Goals:
  • One year of running
  • Establish a routine to exercise each day
  • Healthy motivation and accountability
  • Get in shape
Mark Zuckerberg invited everyone to run 365 miles in 2016. Reach this goal by running 1 mile each day or 2 x 2 milers and 1 x 3 milers in a week. "I'm going to run 365 miles and I'd love for as many people in this community to join me as possible," Zuckerberg wrote. Enjoy using the free Addaero Solo training log to track your time and distance. Encourage friends to join!
Running Workouts
All Levels
Program Goals

These workouts are designed to provide you with a great way to burn off the holiday calories and build up your strength over the winter months while providing you with a great base to help transition to your spring racing season. These workouts can easily be adapted to your current fitness level and can be achieved on as little as 3-4 days of running. I always recommend cross training on your other days and don’t forget to take a full rest day to allow your body to recovery.

Running workouts provided by Ron Byland, a professional full time coach with 30 years of experience of helping close to 5000 runners of all abilities ranging from Olympic caliber athletes to those getting started with their running careers and everyone in-between. miletomarathon.com
How Does Addaero Work?
News and Updates
03.15.2016 - Addaero Solo now links with Strava. Connect your Strava account with Addaero Solo and all of your Strava activities will sync Addaero Solo. We have released new features for the Solo app. Track your races and events. View your week, month, and year distance, duration, and activity totals. Use the mobile app to plan, track, and analyze all of your health and fitness.

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01.24.2016 - We have released a few new coach features for the iPhone and Android app. Athlete schedule view and activity feed. The goal, help our coaches manage and communicate with their athletes. Coaches use the Activity Fee to view results, comment, and give High5 to their athletes. Coaches view their athlete schedule, move workouts, and delete workouts.

Read More
1.07.2016 - The Addaero Solo Athlete Activity Feed has been released for both Android and iPhone. The activity feed provides a communication tool for coaches, athletes, and group members, a way to post a comment on workout results and give high5s. It is a simple way to say connected and create community with coaches and peers from a mobile device.

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Addaero Instructional Videos
We have created a collection of free instructional health and fitness videos. These videos can be shared and also embedded in the workouts you create in Addaero.
This amazing web based training platform has helped Team of 2 Climbing grow our online clientele and keep a strong connection to each of our athletes progress. We love three key features within Addaero Solo.
  1. How easy and fun it is to create an amazing library of training routines.
  2. With a great library we now have the ability to create custom programs with ease. We can drop & drag any routine from our library onto any of our athletes calendar.
  3. The most important part of online training is having a personal connection to the athlete. The ‘Live Feed’ provides us with a real time information into their training results and thoughts. We are able to read their feedback and quickly provide insights to their personal needs.
Justen Sjong | Climbing Coach & Pro Climber
Kris Peters | Climbing Trainer | www.teamof2climbing.com
I have been using Addaero Coach to coach my athletes for 6 years now. From the start, Addaero Coach did exactly what I needed. My athletes always appreciate the clean look, simplicity, efficiency, and reliability Addaero Coach provides. Now four years later, Addaero Coach is even faster with more functionality and has kept the same clean look, straighforwardness and reliability. Starting new athletes is seamless, they never even ask how to use the program; I just tell them where to go and how to log-on and they run with it. Not only does Addaero Coach improve my efficiency, it also improves my coach-athlete communication and quality of service.

Jared Berg | Pro-Triathlete, USA Triathlon Coach | www.triendurance.com
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