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Coach Climbing Using Solo
Boulder & Route templates are now available
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Manage More Clients
Grow your your coaching business with Solo
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Make Fitness Social
Follow, High5, Message, your coach, trainer, and group members
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Connect To Your Data
View all of your health and fitness data in a unified view
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Train Better
On your own, with a coach, with a group
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Improve Your Health & Fitness
Use Addaero to plan, track and analyze your physical activity
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Create Your Own Fitness Challenge
Invite Your Friends, Family, Colleagues, Clients
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FOR  COACHES Coach more effectively with Addaero Solo. Your business is to help your clients attain their fitness and training goals. With Addaero Solo and your coaching expertise you can provide individual and group training, grow your coaching business, and reach more athletes.
FOR  ATHLETES Beginner to elite athletes use Addaero Solo to plan, track, and analyze all of their training activities. The Solo training log gives you the flexibility to train with a group, train with a coach, or train on your own. Unlock your potential, make informed decision, and Train Better.
FOR  TEAMS Clubs, colleges, and youth sports use Addaero Solo to create in-season and off-season training plans for their teams. Each athlete has their own training log but use a shared training plan created by the coach or team leader.
How Does Addaero Work?
News and Updates
10.01.2015 - Addaero Solo has moved from a paid monthly and annual subscription to free. There is no cost associated with using Addaero Solo for coaches, athletes, clubs and teams. Our vision is to democratize fitness, provide effective tools that are free, remove barriers, and improve the fitness experience.

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08.03.2015 - Today we released new features for both the athlete and coach. iCal let’s our users link their Addaero Solo calendar with their personal calendar and sync workouts for 30 days. 5 new sports categories (basketball, tennis, lacrosse, volleyball, and soccer) have been added making it easier for coaches using Addaero Solo to build sport specific workouts.

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06.26.2015 - Coaches we recently rolled out a few new coaching tools to make scheduling more efficient and reduce the number of clicks it takes to add workouts to the athlete calendar. Adding workouts is now more efficient with “Edit Mode” - drop a workout on the calendar and it automatically opens so you can edit the planned values and title.

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Addaero Store
What are you training for? USAT certified coaches have created affordable running, cycling and triathlon training plans. Some plans include personal coaching from a certified coach. If you do not find a plan that fits your needs, let us know and we will create one.
Cycling Plans

Cycling Plans
Running Plans

Run Plans
Triathlon Plans

Triathlon Plans
Addaero Instructional Videos
We have created a collection of free instructional health and fitness videos. These videos can be shared and also embedded in the workouts you create in Addaero.
This amazing web based training platform has helped Team of 2 Climbing grow our online clientele and keep a strong connection to each of our athletes progress. We love three key features within Addaero Solo.
  1. How easy and fun it is to create an amazing library of training routines.
  2. With a great library we now have the ability to create custom programs with ease. We can drop & drag any routine from our library onto any of our athletes calendar.
  3. The most important part of online training is having a personal connection to the athlete. The ‘Live Feed’ provides us with a real time information into their training results and thoughts. We are able to read their feedback and quickly provide insights to their personal needs.
Justen Sjong | Climbing Coach & Pro Climber
Kris Peters | Climbing Trainer |
I have been using Addaero Coach to coach my athletes for 6 years now. From the start, Addaero Coach did exactly what I needed. My athletes always appreciate the clean look, simplicity, efficiency, and reliability Addaero Coach provides. Now four years later, Addaero Coach is even faster with more functionality and has kept the same clean look, straighforwardness and reliability. Starting new athletes is seamless, they never even ask how to use the program; I just tell them where to go and how to log-on and they run with it. Not only does Addaero Coach improve my efficiency, it also improves my coach-athlete communication and quality of service.

Jared Berg | Pro-Triathlete, USA Triathlon Coach |
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